Welcome to The Headless Banking Letter. The idea for this newsletter & podcast came from a medium article that I published in January 2020 (now that seems like 10 years ago). Headless Banking is the idea that traditional financial institutions as we know them will no longer be…
Increasing Loan Approval Rates with UpstartListen now (46 min) | Jeff Keltner, SVP of Business Dev @ Upstart
Banking for SMBs Designed by SMBsListen now (34 min) | Stephanie Sample | Founder & CEO of Fundid
Bitcoin is the Best Tool for Financial Inclusion Listen now (29 min) | Patrick Sells | Chief Innovation Officer @ NYDIG
The Secret Fintech Accelerator in South DakotaListen now | Meet Nikkee Rhody & Falls Fintech
Ship Better Fintech Products FasterListen now (39 min) | Jake Vacovec - Founder & CEO of Flycode.com (formerly @ Behalf)
From Space Shuttles to Payment Rocket Ships! Listen now (45 min) | Darren Beyer - Chief Product & Strategy Officer @ Qolo
Down the Embedded Finance Rabbit Hole with ProductfyListen now (35 min) | Aaron Huang
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The Headless Banking Letter