Welcome to the Headless Banking substack. The idea for this newsletter & podcast came from a medium article that I published in January 2020. Headless Banking is the idea that traditional financial institutions as we know them will no longer be customer-facing in 10-20 years. Our…
The Rise of eToro: A Social Trading PlatformListen now (29 min) | Ronen Assia, Co-Founder
Joseph Akintolayo | Founder, DepositsListen now (23 min) | hosted by Chris D'Antuono
Sardine | Changing the Foundation of FintechListen now (38 min) | Aditya Goel | Co-Founder
Chris Joins the Fun!Listen now (27 min) | Chris D'Antuono | GM @ Stealth Fintech
FTX Meltdown & Impact for CrpytoListen now (39 min) | Jared Silvers (Fireblocks) & Asaad Faquir (Crowe)
Automate Your Most Annoying Task, Taxes!Listen now (34 min) | Chat with Ben Borodach Founder @ April
Metal Pay Demo & DeFi Deep DiveWatch now (28 min) | Chris Miller | Head of Strategic Partnerships @ Metal Pay & Proton
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