Dec 16, 2021 • 35M

Down the Embedded Finance Rabbit Hole with Productfy

Aaron Huang

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Traditional banks and how we interact with banking services will be obfuscated by software, crypto, & technology platforms in the next 5 to 10 years. Our children will wonder why we ever visited a bank branch or logged into an online banking portal.
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It feels like the market is missing a Payments & Banking operating system for digital platforms that want to embed financial services into their ecosystems. BaaS companies are looking to solve this but if a digital platform is large they already have multiple banking partners. Further once a platform gets large enough it makes sense to move away from BaaS and go direct to banks to get enhanced pricing from economies of scale. When this happens the platform has to build its own Payments, Banking, and Compliance engines. Do we need an agnostic payment & banking operating system designed for large platforms that wish to embed financial services?

Aaron Huang, Head of Commercial at Productfy, & I attempt to unpack this in our conversation.

P.S. - this will be the last episode of 2021. Look for a relaunch during the first week of January. Hope everyone enjoys the holidays!