Feb 16 • 45M

From Space Shuttles to Payment Rocket Ships!

Darren Beyer - Chief Product & Strategy Officer @ Qolo

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Traditional banks and how we interact with banking services will be obfuscated by software, crypto, & technology platforms in the next 5 to 10 years. Our children will wonder why we ever visited a bank branch or logged into an online banking portal.
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I always learn something new when I speak to Darren Beyer, Chief Product & Strategy Officer at Qolo. Darren started his career working on space shuttles at NASA for 10 years and then made the totally natural pivot to payment & card processing! Darren launched his first payments business on January 1, 2000, with another NASA engineer. That business was acquired by Wildcard which is where he met the Qolo leadership team.

Qolo brought the team back together in 2018 to build the next-generation payments processing platform. The leadership team at Qolo are all true veterans of the card & payment processing industry and have built Qolo with invaluable knowledge that only experience can provide.

If you’re looking into payment processing engines this is a must listen!