Mar 2 • 39M

Ship Better Fintech Products Faster

Jake Vacovec - Founder & CEO of (formerly @ Behalf)

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Traditional banks and how we interact with banking services will be obfuscated by software, crypto, & technology platforms in the next 5 to 10 years. Our children will wonder why we ever visited a bank branch or logged into an online banking portal.
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In this episode, Jake P. Vacovec & I spend some time unpacking his almost 7 years at and how he came to found Jake’s first job was as an intern at Behalf where he grew to become VP of Product (US) by the end of his time there. Jake recently left to found and has successfully raised a pre-seed round of $2M.

FlyCode connects directly to your code to identify parts of the product that can be edited, such as copy, enables customers to see the user flows, and makes technical aspects of your modern stack accessible to non-technical teams. With FlyCode, developers can approve your changes instead of making them themselves.

There’s so much to learn from Jake we easily could have gone for another 30 mins just on the B2B BNPL space.